72hr Toothpaste A3b

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A reuploaded version of koth_toothpaste_a3b_72
Named A3b instead of A3 because A3 wouldn't update on map compile and this was the quickest solution.

Full Change Log: ALPHA 3b
-Most basic of textures added to some areas
-Minor detailing

Sniper Closet
-Changed Lighting
-Added a medium ammo pack

Ready for Beta?
Full Change Log: ALPHA 2
- Replaced all custom props with brush work
- Added more team-coloring
- Changed the sizes of some health and ammo around the map

Mid Point
- Swapped around the small team colored buildings
- Slightly adjusted the size of some areas
- Added a small health pack to the lower path
- Widened the entrance hallways to the pipe room

- Expanded the spawn yard
- Changed the path closer to the point so now it has a drop down with a small ramp.