Tondo B5E

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- Adjusted location of spawn
- added lights to brighten up the map
- widen some corridors and some parts of the maps
- changed textures of glass for easy recognition
- widen up doors
- adjusted some props location
- added minor details
- increased height of skybox
- added a strip to the control point to easily recognize it
- adjusted size of the window on the connector to the point roof
- and general minor fixes
some major changes on the map
- Reverted the symmetrical layout to rotation
- changed the location of spawn
- changed the location of capture point, moved to a building
- removed some parts of the map
- increased the size of buildings
- adjusted the location of ammo and health packs
- adjusted the corridors on some parts of the maps and made it wider
- removed some props, adjusted location of props
- and general minor fixes
+ Updated the entire map/ overhauled it
+ general theme of the map remain still set in an urban environment
+ layout changed, into a mirrored layout
+ some minor changes and what not

TLDR: Map is overhauled and is now completely different, though some old elements remained and integrated to the new map
Uploaded the BSP File, i accidentally uploaded the VMF file
- Fixed lighting issues
- Fixed See through on the stair part
- made the skybox taller
- added clips on certain parts
- added props such as bus, trucks and crates in part of the map
- General issues of map is fixed

note: i need gameplay and layout feedback to refine the map as possible
minor clipping fix