Tondo B5E

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mid is adjusted yet again accordingly to the feedbacks, most notable changes is extended the right building adding a second floor with a drop down and in that same area an underground connecter is added which leads beneath the point.

- escalator is adjusted so it wont be annoyed to play with
- adjusted props location
- added a sign to block sightlines
- remove the trucks that boost snipers
- and other minor fixes
general tweaks on the map, mostly the mid part yet again... in an attempt to balance out the attacker and defenders
- widen up some stairways and doorways to avoid it being a chokefest
- added an additional flank route for attackers to use, which was an empty corner now have its own purpose
- replaced the cover in the point to a prop instead
- added clips on parts of the map for smooth gameplay, mostly on stairs and such
- added a ramp near the building in the point for an easy access
- blocked some sightlines
- small detailing changes
- some minor fixes not mentioned
- in this version, the mid part is entirely redone, removed all the prop clutter, made the point area spacious for enjoyable fights, elevated the capture point thus giving reasonable height variations
- other general fixes and such in the map, and even detailing changes.
as the title suggest, the map went to another big revision yet again, this time I fixed some gameplay issues and remove some parts of the map deemed unnecessary.
- changed the control point, removing the bridge, and putting it instead in a middle of a large building complex, like a warehouse of sort
- the layout is changed drastically it now features two side flank streets, a building lobby, and the mentioned above control point. there is some highground and such for tactical advantages
- some details added and some minor theme changes, changed the theme from an urban streets to a facility inside an urban streets. the streets this time arent the main gameplay focus as enough feedback heard lead to boring gameplay
- a lot of changes in the map happened that might be unnecessary to list them all
- adjusted the bridge
- adjusted the water level
- adjusted the props in the map
- block the path to the sewer on the center path the building and remade the sewer route to go to the other building instead
- remade the building (where the sewer exit comes), adjusted some gameplay space on that area
- adjusted props
- added buses in the center street to block some sightlines
- and other minor fixes
- note: this update is mostly small thus being labeled A9B, the only major thing that was fixed was the sewer flank
- a smallish update, no major layout changes, just some minor ones
- adjusted the water level to be consistent
- added pickups in the basement
- added back the sniper window
- added a cover for the point to avoid powerful sightline
- adjusted some props and what not
- and other small fixes
- Added a basement route under the bridge
- added a ramp next to the point for a route option
- optimized the fences and turn them to fence blocks
- removed some props, and adjusted it alike
- vehichle positions are also adjusted. to block some powerful sitelines
- changed the water texture into a tf2 one as i accidentally put hl texture
- adjusted the bridge's height and widen it by a bit
- added observer points
- removed some lamps on the center building, and reduced some lights
- blocked the windows on the center building to avoid a powerful sightline, and added window opening in the side instead
- adjusted pickups
- added detailings mostly in the basement part
- general minor fixes


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- Lower the height of the bridge
- made the water into nobuild
- added ramps for people to get out of the river
- added minor details
- adjusted props and such
- made some props especially lightpost into no collisions
- added some textures on spawn
- expanded the part near the point so it wont be congested
- general fixes


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    Screenshot (673).png
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- slight overhaul of the map yet again, changes listed below
- added a river, and a bridge which is where the point is located, and made sure the point is balance for all classes (hopefully)
- adjusted some building's locations, same with props and such
- widen up some door ways
- moved some pick ups
- fixed the gameplay layout of the map (hopefully)
- added an additional building
- added some details
- fixed some clippings (hopefully its working?)
- added lights to bright the map
- also added props to complement lights
- adjusted the spawn, replaced brush doors with prop doors
- and added fences around the streets near the river to avoid powerful sightlines
- added some vehicles in the map, and adjusted their location
- reduced some props on certain parts of the map
- added street textures
- general minor fixes
- added player clips to prop doors to avoid being stuck and hopefully make the gameplay smooth
- blocked a very long sightline
- closed the windows on the point
- made the whole section near the chemical depot building part of it and combined, merging into one structure
- props adjusted, some detailing added
- heightened skybox yet again
- and other minor adjustments