Tondo B5C

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- mostly minor stuffs adjusted
- put some clips on part of the map
- adjusted railing on some stairs
- blocked some sightlines
- added an incline on the street
Mostly small changes
- changed some pickups
- fix the spawn points
- clipped some parts of the map
- adjusted the noodle shop sign
-Lower the high ground
- adjusted some stairs
- fixed the spawn to mid connector and provided cover
- changed some pickups making most health being medium
- added a clip on top of the bridge
- some minor detail changes
- and minor map fixes
mostly layout changes again
- changed the high ground and decreased the cover
- fixed the route to the cap and make it a little spacious, also adjusted the bridge route to not give defenders a highground
- adjusted the underground flank route
- some detailing added/changes
- and other minor fixes
- did some major changes on the map, though nothing changed on the mid part. this update is about the route to the point which was changed
- notable changes are: route to the point is refine, block the second road route, added another entrance to the highground flank. condensed some parts of the maps, changed/reduced some props and detail adjustments. adjusted spawn location, added a wall near the underground route, remove the ramp located in the streets and changed the bridge to a prop bridge
- also decreased cap time
- and other minor fixes
a hot fix update

- clip some parts of the maps
- changed some props
- decrease some props on gameplay area
- closed down the drop down as it was redundant because the open windows do the same
- textured some parts of the map
- and other minor fixes

there isnt much a notable difference except some texturing and props, the only gameplay stuff changed is the removal of the drop down. if no issue persist might be beta soon
mostly a small update, minor adjustments such as fixing the stairs, some minor gameplay stuffs and other stuff nothing major. might be beta soon hopefully if there isn't any big issues
- fixed sightline issues
- fixed the left flank and make it less maze like, also made the dropdown wider and make it that you wont receive fall damage. also made an opening on one of the windows for attackers to use for
- reworked the confusing underground flank, and changed it entirely
- added some props and such, and detailing
- optimized the map
- and other minor fixes
mid is adjusted yet again accordingly to the feedbacks, most notable changes is extended the right building adding a second floor with a drop down and in that same area an underground connecter is added which leads beneath the point.

- escalator is adjusted so it wont be annoyed to play with
- adjusted props location
- added a sign to block sightlines
- remove the trucks that boost snipers
- and other minor fixes
general tweaks on the map, mostly the mid part yet again... in an attempt to balance out the attacker and defenders
- widen up some stairways and doorways to avoid it being a chokefest
- added an additional flank route for attackers to use, which was an empty corner now have its own purpose
- replaced the cover in the point to a prop instead
- added clips on parts of the map for smooth gameplay, mostly on stairs and such
- added a ramp near the building in the point for an easy access
- blocked some sightlines
- small detailing changes
- some minor fixes not mentioned