Tondo B4C

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Tondo B4C

rotational koth map set in the urban streets of tondo

RED and BLU both occupied the streets of Tondo, within the facade of normal urban buildings contains ominous secrets which are chemical and weapons facility where both team operate in for world domination. countless battles occurs in the dead of night, fighting over the petty town square of Tondo, trying to take over this whole area and to take control the other's facilities

(beta stage its my first map)
Sitrulus Melon
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Tondo B4C

    - mostly an optimization update - adjusted performance in the map, adding occluders, and area portals - some detailing adjustment
  2. Tondo B4B

    - Reduced props - fixed some overlays - added more player clip - replaced the crate stair case with ramps instead - added some small health kits - changed fence texture to a wall texture
  3. Tondo B4A

    - texture adjustments - added more prop detailing - fixed clipping - adjusted respawnwave time - adjusted trigger for supply cabinet - made the small stall into mid more climbable