Tiny Rock a8

The gamemode nobody asked for... Arena PLR!

  1. arenaplr_tinyrock_a8

    * Made middle hut shorter to nerf height advantage
    * Replaced wood fences near the mid hut with larger, thicker rocks to break up sightlines and shrink excess playerspace
    * Moved spawns forward a little bit and closed off the deathpit next to it to shrink excess playerspace
    * Reduced "setup" time to 6s (from 10s)
    * Lit up dark areas
  2. arenaplr_tinyrock_a7

    * Fixed setup respawns
    * Experimentally added auto-kill spawns that activate when the round starts, to stop players spawning after round start
    * Added ramps leading up to the roof at mid
  3. arenaplr_tinyrock_a6

    * Changed the map prefix to arenaplr_ so the server doesn't prevent team scrambles
    * Cut the track length by half and moved the spawns to accommodate
    * Reverted cart max speed to default (90)
    * Added another way up to the upper middle bridge
    * The upper middle bridge now has a big ol hut over it to break up sightlines
    * Removed bigass side buildings, replaced them with less bigass buildings
    * Shrunk the playable space down a bit overall
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  4. arena_tinyrock_a5a

    * Packed aforementioned sign in spawn
  5. arena_tinyrock_a5

    * Added a sign in spawn explaining the gamemode
    * Clipped off the upstairs bit in the building to the side, and also clipped off the elevator
    * Added a side-area in the narrow mines to make it more interesting and less bad
    * Removed some health pickups
    * Added ammo packs
  6. arena_tinyrock_a4

    * The cart track now cuts past the side buildings rather than going around them, in order to make the tracks shorter and less distant from eachother

    * Slightly increased cart move speed (again)

    * Added some cover in that bigass health room

    * Shrunk various parts of the map

    * Added a medium health kid to the lower mid bridge to incentivise its use

    * Enlarged the cave corridor to be less spammy
  7. arena_tinyrock_a3

    * Changed name to the slightly less generic Tiny Rock

    * Changed map prefix to arena_ to better communicate the gamemode

    * Expanded a corner of the map to be an actual deathmatch area, rather than what is essentially just a corridor

    * Adjusted cart paths to accommodate for this change; as a result it's now slightly longer

    * Lit up some dark areas

    * Removed those buildings crossing the gap at mid because I didn't like them

    * Probably some other changes, it's been a while tbh
  8. aplr_rocky_a2

    * Changed the cart track; it now takes a right turn into the mine rather than left onto the bridge at mid. Since the carts would cross paths, 90% of players would die in the first 10 seconds. Between this and the track being too long, winning the round via cart capture was nearly impossible. This new track is much shorter and the carts now only cross paths near the end, rather than at the start.

    * Added a force respawn during setup to ensure all players are alive on round...