Tiny Rock a8

The gamemode nobody asked for... Arena PLR!

  1. aplr_rocky_a2

    * Changed the cart track; it now takes a right turn into the mine rather than left onto the bridge at mid. Since the carts would cross paths, 90% of players would die in the first 10 seconds. Between this and the track being too long, winning the round via cart capture was nearly impossible. This new track is much shorter and the carts now only cross paths near the end, rather than at the start.

    * Added a force respawn during setup to ensure all players are alive on round start

    * The bridge walls have steeper sides to stop players from accidentally walking up and off them

    * Added lights to that one building I forgot to put lights in

    * Also expanded said building to have a second floor and window

    20191112130140_1.jpg 20191112130202_1.jpg
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