Tiny Rock

Tiny Rock final

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Tiny Rock final

It's Arena! It's Payload Race! It's... both?

A continuation of my 2022 72hr Jam entry.

It's Payload Race, but also Arena mode. Eliminate the enemy team or push your cart to the end before they do.

Now on the Steam Workshop!


Special thanks:
Leezo, for doing all the VScript heavy-lifting and implementation to get the gamemode logic working (download the prefab here to make your own Arena PLR map!)
Lacry, for menu photo templates
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. the totally-for-real-this-time final one

    * Rebuilt gamemode logic using VScript; the map uses the real Arena Mode gamemode logic along with the existing Payload Race logic (thanks to Leezo for setting all this up for me) * Map prefix is now arena_ rather than aplr_ * Minor clipping tweaks
  2. the vscript one (test upload)

    This version uses that hot new VScript magic to finally include TF2's built-in Arena Mode game logic along with the standard Payload Race game logic. I'm uploading this as a "test" version to make sure it works properly on a full server. Huge...
  3. the second final one

    * Hopefully fixed rounds not ending properly when somebody joins mid-round * Fixed a visual issue I noticed literally hours after I posted the original "final" version

Latest reviews

It's fast, it's fun, it's a fantastically dynamic arena map!