Timber terror V11

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  1. Kobolite
    Welcome to the bone-chilling town of Timber Terror!

    This small Austrian town used to be home to a thriving pumpkin farming industry, until the very ground was cursed by the SPINE CHILLING master of magic, MERASMUS! Instead of regular not-cursed pumpkins, only cursed EXPLOSIVE PUMPKINS will grow!

    In a SADISTIC TWIST, the only way to break the curse is to sacrifice half of the town by EXPLODING IT TO BITS with the cursed crops. Year after year, the villagers would gather on Halloween to play a fast-paced game of PUMPKINBALL to decide which half would be no more. Every year it ended in a TIE! An ETERNAL STALEMATE, the worst fate of them all!

    Decades have passed, and the two remaining villagers are fed up with their inability to eliminate the other. They have spent the remainder of their money to hire the best mercenaries that they could buy, but unfortunately they ended up with YOU!


    • Wield powerful magical SPELLS!
    • Try the local produce: EXPLOSIVE PUMPKINS!
    • Dance the night away with Merasmus’s WHEEL OF DOOM!
    • Get greeted by the BOMBINOMICON!

    …and MORE TERRIFYING THINGS than you feeble human mind can possibly comprehend!

    Map by: Kobolite
    Thumbnail by: Lo-fi longcat
    Description by: 14bit and Lo-fi longcat

    NOTE: the map promo trailer is outdated. i will maybe try to make a new one

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