Theseus Alpha 6

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Decided to completely remake the layout from scratch. Now you may be wondering: "why not just make a new map?" Good question.

In honor of this redesign, I have finally come up with a title: Theseus!


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General: A thru C was very blue sided due to a combination of factors. It was hard for red to set up, and even if they could, blue team often had plenty of high ground and/or powerful sightlines

Now red team will respawn when points are capped
Removed the leftover WIP

A: There were a couple sightlines that blue could very easily use against red, and while it wasn't totally in blue favor, I think it was bad enough to warrant some adjustment

Made blue's flank building bigger, reducing the length of one of the sightlines
Moved a doorway to stop a sightline
Adjusted pickups
Adjusted some of the cover

B: Blue had very quick access to the main high ground, while red was left scrambling to even make it in time.

Between A and B, removed an extra route, added a fence for cover, and locked the door when A is capped to prevent blue quickly rotating to high ground
Between B and C, added a staircase that gives red quicker access to high ground for defending B
Shrank a doorway to reduce sightlines
Lowered blue's side of the hill, so they have to climb up to get to red
Added a fence to provide cover from the flank

C: Similar deal to B, with blue getting access to high ground before red has a chance to set up.

Added a door that closes when B is capped, and reopens when the cart enters the building
Adjusted pickups
Lowered blue's balcony and reshaped the room attached to it
Added a diagonal corner to the cart path

D: The area between C and D might be big enough to warrant being its own point, but I'm going to let it ride for a bit while I get more data.

Between C and D, adjusted some of the cover, and fixed a clipping issue.
Adjusted some of the geometry
Last test... did not go great. Started out with a server crash, then it turns out I had spawn issues and the new area I added made it completely insufferable for blue to push last. Cherry on top: I wasn't able to play and the demo is broken, so all I had to go off is the feedback left.

Fixed the spawn issues

Not enough data

Not enough data

Red was physically incapable of leaving spawn so yeah, not enough data
Adjusted the doorway behind the point
Added a catwalk that opens when C is capped to allow better route access for blue

Transition area leading up to the point was brutal for blue team, mainly due to how choked up it was, so I decided to remake it and hopefully alleviate the issue
Sealed off the flank taking blue to red's spawn


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Changed red's first spawn to the one at C point, cutting out the extra spawn
Fixed the teleporter at said spawn room
Changed the way blu's forward spawns work
Tweaked pickups

Decided to completely redo the point. It didn't play horribly but the layout was kinda awkward and forced blu to roll red to cap.

Not really enough info to make major changes.
Added a porch and adjusted the nearby area to account

Same deal as B.
Added a doorway along the cart path.
Adjusted the lighting

Still not enough cover for attackers, and the side routes for blue were very underused.
Added an extra connector between C and D
Slapped a hut on top of the point
Gave blue's far route an open window
Shrank said window room
Placed various amounts of cover
Moved one of the spawn exits
Very blue sided, it seems. Hard to tell because the actual gameplay wasn't very balanced teams, but there are a few things apparent immediately
Lowered the skybox height
Added a few pickups across the map

Tough to push due to how open it is, particularly the cart path. Red would exclusively defend in the big room in the middle because that's where the only good pickups were, which means all it took was a single uber to completely wipe out red's defenses.

Shrunk it a little bit
Unlocked the one-way door
Swapped the full and medium ammo packs
Increased small health on flank to a medium, added a medium ammo
Added some cover along the cart path

Wasn't able to get much info because blue would always roll straight thru. Not sure if that's due to the point itself or the teams during playtesting

More shrinking
Turned the patio thing into a room
Added a bridge

Didn't mess much with this one, again because blue was able to steamroll past.

Added a fence

Red had a ton of high ground, spawned very close to the point, and blue's paths were very open, leading to a lot of blue suffering while red spammed at them from a few miles away

Yeah it's smaller
Added more cover to blue's secondary route
Removed the one way door and reshaped the hallway to compensate
Removed red's balcony
Added a cubby with some health and ammo
Separated red's spawns further from the point
Adjusted clipping