The Stand Alone Prop Libarary A2

For the people who want the full prop library without the outdated pack

  1. FishyUberMuffin
    This prefabs are from Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack however since Boonjum Snarks has not updated his resource pack since the Gun Mettle Update I have decided to change resource packs to a more up to date one but I really missed that i could not go and picked the props so I have decided to create a separate download for just the prop library. Please do not load more then one prop library due to Hammer will crash. I am currently using Puddy's Small Mapping Resource Pack. I used Necro's Mercenary Park Prop Library for the Jungle props.
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  1. The Jungle Update

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  1. The Siphon
    The Siphon
    Version: A2
    Very useful, an updated prop library was definitely a needed feature. Thank you!
  2. Cynder loves Portal
    Cynder loves Portal
    Version: A1