72hr The Scrapheap Scorcher 2016-07-25


  1. Alcoholic_Ninja
    My first model for team fortress, No in game screens as of yet but i'm working on it, do excuse the sloppy presentation sheets, any constructive feed back is appreciated, thanks :)

    I decided to make a flamethrower to represent team pyro, and went with the whole scrap sort of theme. Unfortunately it's not compatible with source yet as i dont know how, and wanted to spend time modelling and texturing rather than messing around with that, but give me a couple of days and it'll be in game and on the workshot (hopefully.. ) Currently only one LOD

    Thanks for giving me the motivation to contribute to the community we all love

    Model Details:
    6,378 tris
    512x512 diffuse
    512x512 specular
    512x512 Ambient occlusion



    Check out the model here: