The Party Builder

Build the party instead of crashing it!

  1. VEssex
    Woo wee, I think this turned out quite well.
    Here's the model. No redistribution without my permission.

    Oh, and hey look, it's not just an SFM!

    First Day (Aug. 4):
    • All modeling was completed
    • 2 out of 3 base textures completed
    Second Day (Aug. 5):
    • Team colored textures completed.
    • Compilation of .mdl file done
      • Includes .smd reference.
      • Includes .smd physics.
      • Includes idle.smd anim.
    • File directories assembled.
      • 5 textures, (2 sets of team colored for neckwear and screen)
    Third Day [Final] (Aug. 6):
    • Readjusted model weights.
    • Created replacement for Deus Specs in-game.
      • Team colors work except build_neckwear material (possibly my client's game configuration, model viewer shows correct red and blue skins)
    • Altered .qc to get correct skin reference.
    Fourth Day [Update] (Aug. 7):
    • Readjusted model weights.
    Download the replacement for the Deus Specs for Engineer at


    1. partybuilderrender.jpeg