72hr The Mafia Club 2017-02-12

A mafia get together, in the streets of Kong King

  1. Cyn 2
    Okay I have gone to so many sfm artists like Izak, Doomsday, Desmond, Dashing, Akuam, Shnail. and others about rendering. And after asking they still couldn't help me with the rendering. I started the sfm at 66 hours and I finished around 22 all because of the rendering. So this is the best I can do.

    It reminds me of a mafia kinda look
    It also reminds of an older movie called the breakfast club a little

    Thus the name Mafia Club lol.

Recent Reviews

  1. LadyIceBear
    Version: 2017-02-12
    I really like it, It's so cool :D And I'm sorry It took you forever to render. It must of been a nightmare D: but I know how you feel. My videos take forever to render XD. Okay, enough of my radiling. Great Job!