The Great Beach Bash 2017-08-06

A Summer-Themed TF2 Fanfiction with Epilogue Included

  1. TheNeiljoseph
    My new TF2 Fanfiction Entry into the TF2Maps' 72Hr Summer Jam 2017, and this time, it's only a single story.

    Welcome to my next TF2 Fanfiction, this time, it's all about summer vacation, a battle at the beach, retaliation, protecting, saving lives, bringing justice to suspects, and of course, charity work.

    That's right, the epilogue focuses on RED, now on summer vacation, finally helping the charity group from Australia, Redkite, as they need full donation and support to help a TF2Maps Staff Member, Freyja, to full recovery.

    Just remember that even mercenaries are strong individual who will keep fighting until the very end.

    Suggestions and feedback are welcome if you want me to edit any part of the story or even the epilogue.