The Frontline Experience

The Frontline Experience S1A5

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The Frontline Experience S1A5

Relive the Frontline Trailer to it's fullest, or at least my interpretation of it.


Only this first stage is done. Will become a 3 stage A/D map like Dustbowl.

First Stage: D-Day recreation
Second Stage: Trench warefare
Third Stage: ???

  • An opening cinematic!
  • Functioning turret spots!
  • And of course, your daily dose of mines
More pics:

20170405180839_1.jpg 20170405180854_1.jpg 20170405180906_1.jpg


It is was a joke map
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. Texture Detailed and Other Improvements

    Misc Changes. Pretty much the "final" version of stage 1. *Changelog* Added ramp from A to upper area that leads to B. Removed turret gimmick (oh well, no more gimmicks). Reduced Red's Respawn wave time by 2s. Raised cap time of B to 5 seconds...
  2. Redesigned last

    I wanted to upload the textured version of a4, but I'm going to hold that off until April Fools. Thus, everything is still dev textures. *Changelog* Redesigned last so that the cp is more open. Removed turret minicrits. Removed a metal barrier...
  3. Hopefully less chokey by making it more chokey.

    Basically, since everyone on Blu was spread out and had so many routes, there was no effective push being made into Red's base. Therefore, I removed the entire left flank, so that way, people should funnel through the middle and right side into...