The First Test 2019-08-04

Revenge of the mad-madman

  1. Far-zee
    exoolivia downsample.png
    My first ever entry to one of these jams! I tried some new techniques for drawing in rim-lights after seeing breadblacks timelaspe video. I hope they don't look too awful. :F

    Crazyb2000 and Maxxy for Olivia Mann
    Rebbacus for Gray Mann
    Maxime "MaxOfS2D" Lebled for SFM beta leak assets
    Populus for Industrial Robot
    Barbell for rope/wire
    Dilly/Ben10Fluid and QuestionablyInsane for TF2 promo props (book)
    Charlesberg for Friday the 13th props (rocking chair)

    exoolivia in viewport.PNG

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  1. Fruit Loop Cat
    Fruit Loop Cat
    Version: 2019-08-04
    very nicely done