The Demoman Ukagaka (Desktop Buddy)

The Demoman Ukagaka (Desktop Buddy) 1

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The Demoman Ukagaka (Desktop Buddy) 1

Your very own desktop demolitions expert!

The Demoman has teleported onto your desktop! He'll talk about himself, teach you weird Scottish holidays, do chores and drink anything you give him. You can even give him a hat!
  • Demo has over 150 unique lines of dialogue. You can toggle how often he says these or trigger him on your own via his menu.
  • Demo can keep a calendar and RSS feeds for you, check your emails and check that your PC clock is accurate.
  • You can give Demoman scrumpy which will increase his drunkenness. FAIR WARNING: If you make him very drunk, he WILL mess up his functions.
  • You can pet Demo. Or hit him. Or give him hats! Why? Technology!
PS. Our team would like to apologise to all Scottish people in the world for us non-Scots trying to imitate their language and probably failing.

Preview video:
External site:

Note: The Demoman Ukagaka comes packaged with SSP for new users and a .nar for experienced SSP users. Tested on Windows; Mac, Linux and Android users: SSP clients for your OS are linked in the readme in the ZIP. If you don't have TF2 Secondary installed on your PC, the font will default to something else.

Ixy (Writer):
Mitchy (Writer, webhost):
Lawdee (Artist):
Eshap (Coder):

Other Credits:
Zarla-s / Ashido (Walkthrough, template):
SSP (Base program):
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He is shaped like a drunk scottish friend