The Cannibalistic Calories (weapon mod for tf2 jam) 2018-07-29

Why let food go to waste when you can enjoy it?

  1. Jayrad the fox
    Why not enjoy some food? Sure it may be from your good old pall scout but don't forget, he did hit you over the head and eat your sandvich once...

    (meet the scout reference above)

    To install: place vpk file in your custom folder, it's as simple as that...
    (i have little experience with mods and this may be the incorrect way to get the mod working for you ingame, i don't really know...)

    Made over a 15ish hours for the 72hr jam, (yes 15...), this gruesome mod introduces a new type of food item. The Cannibalistic Calories!

    Modelling and texturing by:
    Rigging by: