72hr TF2Maps Robotic Onslaught v1

Fight against a near-endless onslaught of TF2M members (Read: The ones that showed up)

  1. SnickerPuffs
    Using the extremely alluring guise of hat-selling old man-with-tape-on-mustache, Gray Mann has captured TF2Maps' most popular members!

    (And by that we mean the one's that showed up.)

    Now you, valued Mann Co. employee(s), must fight against this robotic menace. A band of horrific metal monstrosities that was once a part of our beloved community.

    (Kill the slow one. He'll take a while to get down, but here's the main target.)


    1. 2016-01-31_00004.jpg
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    4. 2016-01-31_00008.jpg
    5. tf2_mvm_72hr.png
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