Tf2 Sniper Valve Portrait of UEAKCrash 2017-08-04

72 hr jummer jam entry

  1. mazata

    I was allowed to start with my 72 hr jam entry 1 hour and 30 mins before the actual jam in change to stop 1 hour and 30 mins earler, if you dont believe me then talk to the moderator Void.

    Alright so this is my entry for the summer jam. Its a sfm poster of UEAKCrash based on the tf2 valve portraits, I know its not 100% the same, but hey! Its still a poster!

    My steam Profile:

    I'm also taking commissions for tf2 valve posters like this one for a price of 3 ref, but I wont be able to make them untill 7 days from when this post was posted.

    Alright, this is all for me, happy 72 hr jam everyone, Peace!