TF2 Blog Twitter Bot

A Twitter bot that tweets new BlogPosts and Updates for TF2

  1. Gamecube762
    Halfway through the Jam I got the idea to make a Twitter bot that announces updates to TF2. After submitting my first entry to the Jam, I wanted to see if I can make this bot before the event ends. I am glad to say it's complete.

    @TF2blogbot The sister-bot to @TFSysMessages(A bot that tweets the in-game System Messages)

    I figured this would be a good time to make it while we are all waiting for the Pyro Update.

    Dev story:
    First I started of with the bot in NodeJS as its the same language as the sister-bot. I was quickly reminded how much I dislike JS... The sister-bot is in NodeJS due to a required module that makes things work. After getting the bot 90% working, I got deadlocked by a bug that I assume is from conflicting modules.

    I decided to abandon using NodeJS for this bot and use Python3 instead. Got it working in half the time with half the bugs. The rest was creating a Twitter ACC and getting APIkeys for it to work.

    TL;DR I dislike JavaScript...

    Code is closed-source and probably not going to be open-source soon.