TF2 Birthday Cake IRL

72hr Jam 2022 TF2 Birthday Cake IRL

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72hr Jam 2022 TF2 Birthday Cake IRL

french baker attempted to bake a TF2 cake

This is the first time I am submitting something for the TF2 Jam and I was thinking about baking a cake shaped like the "TF2 Birthday Cake". Something I wanted to do for a while and this first attempt was a tiny success. Because of the lack of stuff, I couldn't bake similar shaped cakes/prepare the dough properly and they didn't rise much. I had to color the sugarpaste in light blue manually by adding a couple drops of blue food dye and it worked pretty well (and turned my hands blue). The cake tasted good but next time, I will attempt a different recipe and get more equipment to make it twice as big. Ironically, I am a professional baker in real life but I don't bake large cakes like that, only smaller ones and bread.

TF2 Cake (cut).jpgTF2 Cake.jpgTF2 Cake (base).jpg
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Looks hella tasty, and I was definitely not expecting a baking entry! 10/10!