TF:Z Orange01 0.3

Official plugin not available yet, but it works with most Zombie Fortress game types.

  1. Aleph Null
    This is a map engineered for an upcoming 4th community take on the zombie survival concept. This time however, things will get done right.

    Instead of adding crazy health modifiers and ridiculous movement boosts, Team Fortress: Zombies decides to keep class individuality as a core value. Scouts will be Scouts and Medics will be Medics. The zombie weapon pool allows for fun and imaginative combos without being over/underpowered.

    All 9 classes have unique advantages in terms of hunting and surviving, and we've tried to make things as close to vanilla as possible to avoid overly complicated plugins or those "What even killed me??" moments.

    If you would like to help contribute, or just want to beta test, click the link below to join the Discord server!


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