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|changed mid again
|moved the generators to the celling and made them more exposed
|added dynamic respawntimers
|made the nipple on the dish bigger
|Heavies now deal only 10% damage to the generator
|redesigned most of the map
|made the HUD notifications a bit more clear



-removed third spawn exit
Map has been updated with the latest version of the Generator Destruction prefab
-removed door mechanic as it may be too confusing for players
-removed shack at mid

|other changes

Generator explosion now kills players
Undocumented change in previous versions: Fixed being able to perch on a clip brush

Sorry about the many updates to this map made within the past two days, I'm just trying to add some polish to it before playtesting
|Fixed game_text_tf not showing up for RED when their batteries are being destroyed

Last Update today I promise
|Fixed the training_annotation not appearing
+began adding basic textures

+added temporary 3D Skybox
+added fog

|Fixed BLU having shorter respawn times than red
|Fixed the team labels on BLU's chalkboard disappearing
|Changed HDR settings
Fixed a BLU spawn door prop being parented to the wrong door
+added more signifiers that the doors are connected to the batteries

-removed other set of doors on A
Undocumented in a3d: Changed the texture of the walls next to the main Generator to chicken wire to help defenders