TD Quartier a2

Map featuring a custom gamemode named "team domination" (td)

  1. Benoist3012
    My map for the 72hr summer jam.

    This map features an unique gamemode made by myself named "Team Domination" (TD), you can see it as a rework of the KOTH gamemode, I made the gamemode logic back in october 2015 but never got to make a map for it, and I found 2 days ago that scrapped gamemode logic in my files and decided to make a map for it.

    So how does the gamemode work?
    You have 3 neutral control points that both team can capture.
    Each team gets 1 point every 2,5 sec for every control point owned, the first team with 250 points wins the round!

    Chillax he made the HUD, and also C cp layout that I later reworked.


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Recent Updates

  1. Minor layout changes & bug fix