tc_ironton a4a_reup

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tc_ironton a4a_reup

Reverse CTF-CP territory contol

(Ideally) City themed territory control map.
Why is it using custom models and textures? why are there so many textures? I wanted to practice as many aspects of mapping as possible in a singular map.
Construction Zombie
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Territorial Control
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Latest updates

  1. a4a reupload

  2. a4a Update

    New map in spawn area! hopefully clears up at least a little confusion Clipping on WZ connecter fixed. Warmup time increased slightly. Capture time increased slightly. Truck on Y; now a car, can't get stuck inside of anymore tweaked around some...
  3. a3 Update

    Logic involving the blue finale has been fixed. Hopefully that's the last issue with logic, but I doubt it :p Cap zones's required time has been been reduced to 3 seconds for the central areas, 2.5 seconds for finales. It felt as though it was...