Tarpit A8

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This update brings:
*Moved blu B forward spawn forwards
*Added some pickups
*Fixed some patches and some clipping
*Removed a rock
*Changed the way red gets up to their last highground
*Probably one or two other tiny things

I think this will be the last update for the contest deadline aside from fatal bug fixes, hopefully it isn't pushing it too far!!
This update brings:
*Made it a bit harder for red to flank blu at B
*Added back blu forward spawn after A
*Shortened blu respawn times slightly at B
*Made some ammo larger
Honestly barely anything changed because I'm worried something might go wrong unintentionally, though any feedback on the layout would be greatly appreciated. I'm most iffy on last and the pre last area as well, maybe they'll be fixed up in the future!

Maybe the last update before the contest deadline?

Thanks for putting some sense into me, Tyler
Feedback and response on the second A5 test sucked, I hope people aren't that nasty in the future

This (hopefully better) update brings:
*Windows should be easier to notice
*Added a window route in the opening area
*Remade the A structure, added another route through it as well
*Made blu-sided structure before B wider + partly remade area around B (should play better now!)
*Changed around some healthpack values
*Partly remade post-B area
*Added a new way up to pre-C highground
*Remade blu highground + routes into last
*Changed some geometry at last slightly
*Probably more stuff I forgot

As always, all and any feedback is appreciated
This update brings:
*Tweaked lighting and clipping again
*Removed blu access to red highground at B
*Added a new area for red to hold in before C
*Made C's small pit smaller
*Added a deathpit sign
*Highground now red dedicated at C, blu only has a small platform
*Mostly remade B -> C connector
*Made the pre-B area more of a single area instead of having the main push route and seperated flanks
*Added some health and ammo
*Hopefully fixed some patches
*Probably some other things that I forgot I changed
*Made tent hole larger
*Widened main push route just outside of blu spawn
*Made doorway at A taller

As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated
Chunky supports on the pre-B overhang will come as soon as I come up with a good design
This update brings:
*Partly remade area before B and B itself
*Moved A and B back
*Moved blu spawn 1 back
*Made blu highground near A slightly weaker by changing how far it extends into the area, the exit onto the open highground, and giving red a propjump back
*Clipped some beams
*Changed some healthpacks around
*Lit up some areas more
*Added a way back to the balcony for red at last
*Added a grate panel over the small deathpit at last so people don't miss it as easily (sorry to dabat and everyone else who fell in)
*Added some deathpit signs near the post B deathpit
*Changed some skybox brushes around
*Very slightly shortened the map
*Fixed the roofing so rain doesn't get caught on the metal (thanks for the heads up, narpas)
*Fixed bad teleport for red's first spawn
*Moved 2nd blu spawn back a bit
*Packed custom cables
*Probably more stuff that I also forgot

Screenshots of the updated areas:
Fixed cart logic in the opening area + the cart starting in the ground, and some visual issues (thanks Emil)
In this large update:
*C has been remade, hopefully it's not too small
*Tweaked pickups
*Tweaked clipping
*Downscaled some areas, namely the post-B room and the starting area
*Changed red's spawn for A+B slightly
*Added small height variation just after B
*Made HDR slightly less brighter at max strength
*Widened a ramp to stop red looking directly into blu spawn
*Remade the opening area
*Tweaked some lighting
*Added some fencing around the map to stop players being knocked into deathpits as easily
*Probably some more stuff I can't remember

Thank you to everyone who played and feedbacked A2, especially Defcon

As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated.
This update brings:
*Updates screenshots
*Updated lighting
*Remade the entire map after B, pretty much
*Map now curves in on itself, no bad U shape where you can see one point from another on the other side
*Brand new last
*Downscaled the area just before B
*Updated clipping
*Updated most pickups
*Removed a door entering the pre-B area so blu can rotate more freely between the two areas
*Probably lots more stuff that I forgot

As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated

Should be fixed now