Tarpit A8

Topple a communications mast on the shores of a vast lake of tar

  1. DrSquishy
    A payload map, made for the Back to Basics contest. This is going to play terribly and need three remakes in the first 10 alpha versions, but might as well see how it goes.
    This was fun to make, especially since I was learning how to do two things: using manifests, and keeping all macro geometry to the 32/64HU grids
    Screenshots as of A3:
    pl_tarpit_a30003.png pl_tarpit_a30001.png pl_tarpit_a30002.png pl_tarpit_a30000.png

    Custom content used:
    Wonderful catlamp, by Asd417
    Our lord and savior, by Chin
    better metal grate, by Hutty
    Tension netting, from the Snowplow pack
    Cable, from the construction pack

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