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tankstadt (72h) a1

frontline themed koth map full of tanks

  1. Cappucci
    See that building in the center? it used to have a roof, but all changed to the small german village of Taffstadt once the tanks arrived, and they are here to stay. Welcome to Tankstadt.

    Tanks! My entry for the 72hr jam AND the back to basics contest is yet another try at the frontline theme, and because i love tanks, i am not holding back! This time i have a pretty good feeling about it!


    1. koth_tankstadt_a1_00.jpg
    2. koth_tankstadt_a1_01.jpg
    3. koth_tankstadt_a1_02.jpg
    4. koth_tankstadt_a1_03.jpg
    5. koth_tankstadt_a1_04.jpg
    6. koth_tankstadt_a1_05.jpg
    7. koth_tankstadt_a1_06.jpg
    8. koth_tankstadt_a1_07.jpg
    9. koth_tankstadt_a1_08.jpg
    10. koth_tankstadt_a1_09.jpg
    11. koth_tankstadt_a1_10.jpg

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