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talltown a10

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talltown a10

My first attempt at creating a playable/ working tf2 map.

My first attempt at creating a playable/ working tf2 map.
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Talltown_A10 13-07-2022

    - Removed a house infront of the spawnrooms. - Closed off the right side route to the control point. - Added more space around controle point area in the width. - Added a small building on the left route right out of spawn. - Added a jeep for...
  2. Talltown_A9 22-06-2022

    - Upgraded the heath and ammo across the map from small to medium. - Moved around some heath and ammo packs. - Changed the right buildings routes to the point. - Set the capture time to 6 seconds. - Added more team colored textures over the whole...
  3. Talltown_A8 06-08-2022

    - Set the capture time from 12 to 8 seconds. - Improved the left side route for better access to the balcony. - made a hole in a wall on the right side route to give easy access to the balcony. - Added a (sentry stopping) flowerbed next to the...