synthetic rc6a

KOTH in some kinda chemical plant thing

  1. A large amount of green space

    -removed some barrels from mid to try and up it's fps
    -edited skybox to remove uneven areas around mid and 2nd transitional buildings
    -other optimization
    -editing some detailing and sharpened shadows around the map to make it look all nice n pretty n stuff
    -changed respawn times for capping mid. The team who is defending mid now has a 10 sec respawn while attackers have a 4 sec respawn. This will hopefully lead to some better back and forth with the point.
    -fixed clipping issues throughout the map
    -fixed windows to sniper roof on the 2nd traditional buildings not being mirrored correctly
    -Big thanks to Beater for hosting a competitive test for the last version
    -Fixed long windows on 2nd transitional building on red side being clipped when they where supposed to be open (also thought about combining the windows together but didn't like the result)
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