Synthetic rc6a

KOTH in some kinda chemical plant thing

  1. chchchchcchanges

    -changed that drop down thing in the 1st transitional building again so it's not ugly and dump, should also help with optimization now
    -closed window at upper mid area so it can now only be shot through instead of walked through
    -added some cover to fix odd sentry spot in buildings by mid point
    -closed in bottom path of 2nd transitional building as to get rid of some dead space and funnel players towards health and ammo pack locations, this should also help with optimization
    -moved around health and ammo packs to be more focused around the open areas by the 2nd transitional building
    -minor detailing
    -replaced pipes at mid with more modular models so I can rotate them and make them look more natural
    -a bit of optimization
    -redid lighting across the map to try and make things less grey and dull
    -fixed light bleed by red spawn
    -other this and that things
    -improved some clipping


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