Synthetic rc6a

KOTH in some kinda chemical plant thing

  1. It's more like this than that, ya know

    -edited detailing of 2nd transitional buildings to make them a more similar to decrease asymmetrical rocket jumping abilities.
    -added cover to upper platforms at mid
    -lowered point "hill" area a bit
    -edited mid point to fit the new height
    -edited some textures on side buildings by mid
    -changed background detail in first transitional buildings to look more like they are outside the play space
    -fixed clipping issues around the map
    -changed that sign Defcon doesn't like
    -added small path from pipes at upper area by mid around the side of the building
    -changed doorway to 2nd transitional building courtyard from upper area by mid to block a sight line
    -made in bounds foliage props non-solid
    -figured out how to add detail sprites for displacements, so the map has those now
    -attempted to make the sign jump at mid more obvious
    -changed red 1st transitional building exterior's roofs in order to fix brushes not rendering when they where supposed to


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    3. 20180708020632_1.jpg
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