Synthetic rc6a

KOTH in some kinda chemical plant thing

  1. Stuff 4 - Stuffnado

    -added clipping to ceiling of side buildings by the point
    -fixed clipping issues throughout the map
    -edited lighting values in multiple places
    -changed detailing in tunnels to make them more distinct from each other
    -changed doorway from inside tunnels to outside so it should be less likely to get stuck on when rocket jumping out of
    -fixed sticky bombs explosion going through awnings at mid
    -changed detailing of upper blue side building at mid to match upper red side building
    -fixed signtline from upper outside roof area at the 2nd transitional building that let snipers see all the way across mid
    -moved around health and ammo by point area
    -changed detailing in blu's first transitional building right side to better match that area on red side
    -added jimi jam
    -probably some other things I don't remember


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