synthetic rc6a

KOTH in some kinda chemical plant thing

  1. Thanks for all the feedback

    -changed grate texture to no longer allow explosions through it
    -fixed clipping issues
    -some optimization
    -detailing in 1st transitional building for blu
    -fixed shadow and lighting issues
    -removed health from side building by mid
    -removed small ammo at mid
    -changed health in 2nd transitional building to small and changed health outside the mid side building to a medium
    -fixed prop fade issues
    -general detailing
    -changed wooden planks leading onto upper catwalk between 1st and 2nd transitional building to a metal structure
    -closed wall gap by stairs in 2nd transitional building
    -fixed sniper sightlines behind large pipes by mid
    -fixed props not being non-solid
    -changed some textures to be more uniform
    -fixed ability to get outside of map


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