Synthetic Event Release

A spooky King of the Hill map at a possibly Haunted Estate

  1. Anonymous
    Version: rc3d
    Enjoyable koth map that reminds me of koth_arctic with a route under the point. The boss on this map would be praiseworthy technically, but as a player felt like a letdown being a glorified Skeleton King. I'd imagine more potential would come if not limited by Hammer alone designing that boss, but still fun nonetheless.

    One major gripe for me with this map would be looking backwards into the window of BLU's spawn tanks my FPS for seemingly no reason. Not even Wutville that renders the entire map did that, but some random room on this one does. At least it's in an unimportant area, and who knows maybe it's just a me problem.

    Other than that, the layout felt very clean except for some crazy sniper sightlines. What's great though is you can avoid them and flank around unlike in Viaduct where you have to funnel through one area to proceed. I liked it more than I thought I would.
  2. Alex.bsp
    Version: rc3d
    good fun map with a great theme overall happy it got in