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  1. velvy
    A syrup farm that takes place in Iowa of all places

    The main goal of the map is open areas with reasonable sightlines, there are also plenty of smaller areas for the close-range classes to use to their advantage.

    Alpha 1 screenshots

    20200128220733_1.jpg 20200128220739_1.jpg 20200128220752_1.jpg 20200128220808_1.jpg 20200128220829_1.jpg 20200128220837_1.jpg 20200128220817_1.jpg 20200128220853_1.jpg 20200128220846_1.jpg 20200128220757_1.jpg 20200128221003_1.jpg 20200128220930_1.jpg 20200128220944_1.jpg 20200128221107_1.jpg 20200128220906_1.jpg 20200128221023_1.jpg 20200128221011_1.jpg

    Feedback is appreciated, stay frosty!

Recent Updates

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