Svalbard A8

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- Widened blu spawn in some places
- Extended dock to the edge of hut
- Removed some fences on dock to open it up (people hate fences)
- Widened route to right flank and added container detail
- Removed covered extension on A hut and shifted hut back a little
- Added cubby with window to the A-B connector building for A defence
- Smoothed B ramp
- Adjusted fence/rock on B
- Added small window from left entrance to last into the left upper flank for Blu to easier take that area
- Readjusted leftside geometry on last to prevent sniper domination and promote defenders using the back of site
- Added signage to better promote flanks on last (they are important :) )
- Added a second of respawn time to red on last, lowered blu's by half a second

- Clipped rocks on second to prevent weird falling bug
- Adjusted snow texture on roofs to be the less shiny texture
- Added new cubby to A
- Shifted A cap forward 500 or so units
- Re-enabled the A dock door, it allows blue to retake the docks and regroup before pushing into Town
- Adjusted clipping around doorways across the map for easier traversal
- Moved last one-way to the right, preventing door peaking from snipers
- Moved red spawn points to the lower door while defending second, should save a second or so travel time and in a better location to push out
- Opened up crate gap in blue spawn... what could be behind?
- Closed highground for attackers on last, reopened left window
- Changed right flank into defenders highground on last, now has staircase down to final instead. Highground has a drop down window into the room

- Adjusted doorways in blu first spawn, added catwalk to bypass first doorway
- Opened gate to A, testing a version where the cart doesn't need to stop and open the door
- Revamped last, pushing red spawn further back into the corner, opening up many angles, and rerouting attacker's initial highground around to the left.

- Removed clipped and added ramp onto dock hut
- Adjusted geometry around second ramp
- Added right side flank into second
- Moved second cap off of the platform, back a little
- Added second window out of last lobby high ground
- Added supply closet in last lobby, moved nearby ammo and health pickups inside
- Increased Red's respawn wave timer by 2 seconds for second, and 5 seconds for last
- Mirror flipped spiral staircase near last
- Minor pick up balance
- Additional snow detailing, changed ground texture from nature dirt/snow blend to barnblitz dirt/snow blend

- Added a small highground route into last lobby for attackers to retake the area
- Fixed an issue in which second would never be capped :)
First playtest went SUPER well, super happy with how it played

- Windows to docks now visible both ways
- Widened stairwell in right flank into first
- Added a few small health kits in common attack grouping locations
- Raised sign at B to better allow for sentry destruction
- Removed 2 fences, one near A and the other between A and B, to open up some additional angles
- Removed original door into veggie room, instead connects via spiral staircase and thus prevents nasty sighline out back into B
- Removed crate jump in veggie room, once again a staircase
- The open balcony from left upper flank into last has been walled over again
- 2 windows in last have been boarded up to hide some information from defenders below
- Fixed 2 nodraw issues

Fourth public version before its first public playtest hehe :)

- Moved red forward spawn from white shed behind first to flank building near second
- Moved fence on docks to block REALLY LONG sniper sightline (though it wasn't too powerful)
- Fixed issue where cart would retrigger a speed modifier making it completely unpushable for the rest of the round
- Adjusted pick ups around first to make the hut less crowded
- Moved cover around on second
- Added sniper window and shifted wall to back window in second cap flank
- Adjusted a LOT of cover and platforms around for a better defence
- Added a second staircase to the back of last into upper
- Slight detailing changes for scene setting across the map, nothing too drastic

KNOWN ISSUE: There is a missing texture out of bounds near last, it's fine, it doesn't affect any gameplay and will be fixed in A4

- Adjusted some textures and overlays across the map
- Made a wall into first a wire fence for visibility
- Added additional small pickups to cubbies around the map
- Opened up clipping above first point building
- Slowed Second Cap door speed and added an alarm for the opening sequence
- Increased cover in last
- Changed entrance to high ground flank into last, now a staircase from cart track rather than from a side room

- Shifted cover at Cap 1 Hut
- Increased red spawn rate for Cap 2
- Removed staircase in last flank, replaced with crate jump


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