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SupplySabotage B4

Payload map!

  1. Peredice
    Hello everyone! My name is Peredice and I've been
    working on a payload map called SupplySabotage.
    I've been working on it since 2016.07.16.
    (This isn't my first map)

    I come here because I need help from you guys. I'm
    looking for people to test this map for me and tell your
    opinion about it. I'm really looking forward to receive
    constructive criticism, need them.


    If the reflections appear to be buggy (Black and purple)
    Type mat_specular 0 in the console. it will fix the problem!

    The first two stage of the map is set in a forest-like area.
    The last third one is set in a mine.
    -This map doesn't have a 3D Skybox-
    This map is telling a little story:
    The Reds are taking over this facility and pushing the Blus back
    further and further. Blu Spies have noticed that reds are getting
    supplies from an underground mine, that's why they are so powerful.
    The Blus can't retreat anymore, that base is their last stand.
    They have no other chance, they have to cut off their supply
    In the mine they can already hear the explosions. It's probably
    the Blus are taking heavy fire from the Reds.
    Blus have to hurry and destroy the elevator shaft where they
    transporting explosion from the mine to the surface.


    I'd much Appreciate if you could download, have a look around
    and give me a feedback! :)
    Either in the comments or just add me on steam!
    Steam name: Peredice
    (It's private, only friends can see it)

    Some already known bugs on the map:
    *Some texture glitches on the first stage
    *Payload cart just teleports trough walls to the next stage
    *Some areas on the map is a bit dark
    *Water texture may appear to be buggy
    *Shadow glitches on some props
    *Displacement is a bit unrealistic at places.
    *Overlay on bridge on stage 3 is buggy


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