supply_shortage a5

cp, frontline, pretty much red defending a base with some underground stuff from blu, usual biz

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    2019.04.15-19.15_04.png 2019.04.15-19.14.png 2019.04.15-19.16_04.png 2019.04.15-19.15_05.png 2019.04.15-19.15.png 2019.04.15-19.15_01.png 2019.04.15-19.16.png 2019.04.15-19.16_04.png 2019.04.15-19.16_02.png map based on an old concept i got halfway with when i was a mapping newbie so it kinda sucked, this is the more playable version that i hope can get into the steam workshop pretty soon

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