Sunrise A6

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First release
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Latest updates

  1. A+B+C = BLU

    Various additions, and a few subtractions Change Log: - Changed the side route to C to be shorter - Added a small, spammable window that can get sentry spots out of C - Removed a nasty sightline at C with a nice looking building - Added a small...
  2. Pretty Petty

    No internet + some reference maps = BLU Spawn Detailing Change Log: - Detailed the FUCK out of BLU spawn - Changed the ground in front of BLU sapwn to displacements - Added a new route to last favoring BLU, it has a good height advantage, but...
  3. The sun is rising...

    Wow, I already knew that Owly Oops' Dawn skybox looked great, but damn. This map brings it out unlike anything else I used it in. Changelog: - The skybox is now a brilliant dawn - Added a new building to C to defend from - Changed the geometry...