Sunbeach a6

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  • Changed symmetry to rotated and straightened mid
  • Mid spawns can be re-entered now
  • Reduced timer from 5 minutes to 3 minutes
  • Fixed clipping
  • Health pack changes
Changes in a5:
  • Changed gamemode to custom koth-ctf mode to make it clearer for players what to do
  • Removed lifts
  • Added clipping
  • Removed custom textures (that I lost)
-Fixed the round not ending and getting stuck to overtime if the winner would have been the team that captured middle point
-Changed the last points to Doomsday style lifts
-Altered capture times
-Fixed small bugs

-Altered respawn and capture times
-Added new route on mid
-Made mid a bit bigger
-Added ramp to last
-Capturepoint that is not available to be capped is now indicated more clearly
-Packed custom textures