☆ Summertime Pyro(s) ☆ 2018-07-29

A quick doodle for the TF2 Summer Jam.

  1. Fletcho
    First time submitting something for the 72hr Jam, hopefully I'm doing this right.
    I wasn't quite certain of when the Jam started, and by the time I finally decided to check, I only had about 20 hours to get something out. So that screwed up my original plans a bit.
    I had to ditch my more complex, semi-realistic art style for a simpler "chibi" style (which was a pain to work with, since the limbs are so short), just to make sure I finished the drawing on time. I still think it came out pretty well, despite how much I was rushing it.
    But yeah, uh, I probably should've spent more time on this, I don't know how this site works, and I'm fairly certain I messed up the Pyro's color scheme in some way. ;w;

    ☆ ..Psst, I also have a Tumblr. I post other artsy stuff there. https://lefletcho.tumblr.com/


    1. Both Pyros -Correct-.png
    2. Red Pyro.png
    3. Blu Pyro.png

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  1. AnneSQF
    Version: 2018-07-29
    What a cutie!!!