Sulfur rc2

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A beautiful map that incorporates my favorite official TF2 Map, Steel into it. The map is very clean and tidy, although Point C is often difficult to find as it is not that well signposted as A and B, but that is a minor nitpick. This should be part of a content update if TF2 ever releases a new Major Update.
This is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing map I've played.
Why hasn't the valve peeps found a way to incorporate this into SOME update!?
10/10 for mechanics and 12/10 for visuals
Very nice detail and is just super fun.

I wonder if we had the gamer "nose" where we can smell stuff in the game, you will smell rotten eggs when falling off the cliff :thinking:
gorgeous but the external points could have more use
One of the more Beautiful maps I've played, and It plays well too!
Hey, I tested your map a bit and these things did i come up with.
You are able to get on the edges of many roofs , you are able to get on the roof above point A (and i suppose that isn't what you want or you better decrease the inclination ) and there was allmost no smooth clipping inside the blue spawn.
furthermore I think its a little bit weird the boiling water is just abruptly changing into normal water. I personally think it should be better to keep those seperated.
Last but not least, the map looks really great! Keep it up :)
I play tested this map a lot on the gamedays and its really fun. I haven't played the final version but from judging by the screenshots, its (in my opinion) the most beautiful map.
Beautiful, and fun