Sulfur rc2

A steel cp koth hydrid.

  1. Freyja
    First place in the Dynamic CP Contest

    A steel-style cp map with a koth final point and only three external points set in a secret(?) Japanese hot spring

    The final point is always accessible but must be held by blue for 3 minutes to win. Red is able to retake it. Capping external points decreases red's accessibility and increases their timer, while increasing blue's accessibility to the point. When all external points are captured, capping the final point by blue will result in an instant win.

    Special Thanks:
    FMPONE - For the csgo map de_season which served as a huge inspiration for this map
    Egan - Propperising loads of brushwork for me to get under the brush limit
    E-Arkham - For the Japan pack
    Donhonk - For answering my call for custom textures and then offering to make models
    YM for painting a great skybox on short notice

    Credits for Custom Content:
    A/B/C signs + arrows - Donhonk
    Rock Garden raked gravel - Donhonk
    Drunk Demoman/Tattoo Heavy posters - Donhonk
    Onsen Banner - Donhonk
    Red/Green plaster - Stiffy
    Steam particles - Fissionmetroid
    Freyja Sushi poster - Xi.Cynx
    Fujisan Skybox - YM
    Water lights/Triangle lights - Acumen
    Rotating air intake - Apom
    Waterfall textures - Fubar
    And the Japan pack stuff


    1. 20171204151603_1.jpg
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    6. 20171204151445_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Snufflepus Penguin
    Snufflepus Penguin
    Version: rc2
    A beautiful map that incorporates my favorite official TF2 Map, Steel into it. The map is very clean and tidy, although Point C is often difficult to find as it is not that well signposted as A and B, but that is a minor nitpick. This should be part of a content update if TF2 ever releases a new Major Update.
  2. obodobear
    Version: rc2
    This is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing map I've played.
    Version: rc2
    Why hasn't the valve peeps found a way to incorporate this into SOME update!?
    10/10 for mechanics and 12/10 for visuals
  4. savvaisnotagirlolbbq
    Version: rc1_reupload
    Very nice detail and is just super fun.

    I wonder if we had the gamer "nose" where we can smell stuff in the game, you will smell rotten eggs when falling off the cliff :thinking:
  5. Retro_Game_kid
    Version: rc1_reupload
    gorgeous but the external points could have more use
  6. Anonymous
    Version: b4
    One of the more Beautiful maps I've played, and It plays well too!
  7. Umaroth-24
    Version: b3
    Hey, I tested your map a bit and these things did i come up with.
    You are able to get on the edges of many roofs , you are able to get on the roof above point A (and i suppose that isn't what you want or you better decrease the inclination ) and there was allmost no smooth clipping inside the blue spawn.
    furthermore I think its a little bit weird the boiling water is just abruptly changing into normal water. I personally think it should be better to keep those seperated.
    Last but not least, the map looks really great! Keep it up :)
  8. Nicky
    Version: b3
    I play tested this map a lot on the gamedays and its really fun. I haven't played the final version but from judging by the screenshots, its (in my opinion) the most beautiful map.
  9. Anonymous
    Version: b2
    Beautiful, and fun