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Multi Stage Sugar Mill b3

Your enemies are actively interfering with your sugar mill. Destroy them to keep your business alive

Originally made in August for 48 hour map jam (this jam wasn't hosted on TF2MAPS.net).
Screenshots are from the original version, but the changes are barely visible.
First release
Last update
Payload Race

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Latest updates

  1. January 5th 2022 patch

    - Adjusted environment lighting - Replaced full ammo pack by the fence with the small ammo pack on stage 1 - Made carts move slower on rollback ramps near control point on stage 1 - Made several changes to spawns and to the cap point area on...
  2. January 1st 2022 patch

    Overall: - Replaced several textures - Reduced setup time by 15 seconds on first and second stages - Reduced respawn times by 2 seconds - Fixed floating carts - Removed all cross relays to fix a bug where one of the carts stops moving Stage 1: -...