Stripless metal textures v2

Now YOU choose to have or not to have these black bars!

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    TF2 has a bunch of cool metal walls. Most of them have these black bars everyone has probably seen. Some of these have a version without these bars, but only some.
    Thus, there are textures that are forced to have the strips, having no version without.
    They look nice, but on wide or tall walls they look really repetitive and rowdy, and it becomes a problem (Confirmation by YM himself).
    So, I took these 9 textures and made a stripless version of them using Photoshop, so now you can choose if you want to have a nice strip spicing the scene up or you want to get rid of these ugly black spaces repeating every damn 256 units. It's up to you!

    Thanks to @MaccyF for sharing a nice Photoshop brush that made me able to do this.
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    Version: v2
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    Version: v2
    A godsend for industrial maps