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Street rc2b

Anarchy in the UK

A reimagined version of pd_treet without the christmas/winter stuff. Grab cores, stabilize an out of control teleporting police box, don't get crushed, enjoy.

- MegapiemanPHD: Layout, Logic, Detailing
- Void: sky_coastal_01
- FGD5: Vehicles, london_licenceplate, london_mailbox_001, london_phonebox_001, london_policebox_001,london_train_001, london_train_002, fgd_sign, streetlamp, streetlamp_wall
- Izotope: london_barrier_001,london_litterbin_001, london_pub_sign
- Mattie: london_belishbeacon_001, london_bollard_001, London_chimney_001, london_chimney_002, london_railing, london_teabrewer_001 london_teakettle_001, london_bench_001 - Cytosolic
London_bus_001_signs, london_bench_001, london_corkboard_001, london_licenceplate, london_gutter, london_pub_sign, london_mailbox_001, london_phonebox_001, london_policebox_001, london_skybuildings, brick stone tile wood metal and nature materials, decals
- VasyaTheWizard: london_gutter
- Bakscratch: London_door, london_window, london_vinylrecord_001, london_vinylturntable
- Yucan1: london_sign_poster_001, london_sign_poster_002, london_sign_painted_002
- SediSocks: tree_01_leaves, tree_02_trunk
- Square: tree_01_leaves, tree_02_trunk, sign_square, hedges, london_pub_sign
- Zoey: Hedges
- Zeus3005: Vacuum, policebox animations
- Suna: Vortex particle
- Lee23: Health & Ammo Kit model
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Latest updates

  1. Experimental Goo

    -lighting -stopped a few things from lingering between rounds
  2. Dinner Theater Street Fighter

    -phonebooth now destroys buildings -clipping improvements -few lighting changes -fixed floating car wheels -fixed pure black car -changed pickup and drop sounds -changed phonebooth vanish to be when the timer runs out -other things too probably
  3. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

    -lighting changes -more signage around capture points -changed announcer logic so she's not as spammy -It's honestly almost creepy

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Great map in my opinion, but not really a fan of the UK /j