Stratosphere A2

This download contains the .bsp, .nav, .pop, .vmt, and .vtf files required for the map to function.

  1. Stratosphere

    Changes for A2:

    • Broke up the long pathway near the beginning of the map towards where the second bomb appears.
    • Added a new flank on top of the building to reach the choke at the beginning of the map. (the choke will get a change on A3)
    • Added a building towards the back of the map to break up the long sightline.
    • The bombs now cross the map again after traversing the bridge/ravine.
    • Added a forward upgrade station.

    Upcoming for A3:

    • A point_populator to pause the wave as the door for the forward bot spawn opens.
    • The chokepoint at the beginning of the map will be edited to have better flow, movement, etc.

    On an unrelated note, the required ClassIcons are now in the .zip file.
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